Judy Anderson:
Treasures from Judy's Attic, Part 6

February 16, 2010, from interviews summer 2009

- Susan Freis Falknor


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Text: "1849 July 20th. Mr. Phinias Osborn guardian of William T. Osborn.

"To William S. Allder ___ Ds.
For Tuition of the said William T. Osborn from Dec.4th 1849 to June 30 1849, amounting to 1 1/3 quarter at $3.00 per quarter - -- -$4.00

" Rec'd payment July 20, 1849
William Allder

Unnamed ancestor from 1850s-'60s

State of Virginia currency from the Civil War -- 1862

Confederate States of America $5 bill - 1863

Dr. Charles B. Turner's statement of medical services for Mr. Wm. M. Arnett, July 20, 1887 - July 18-1911

Dr. Charles B. Turner's statement of medical services for Mr. Larrie Poulson of Round Hill, Va., April 1892 - July 21st, 1911

Winnie Davis, daughter of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederate States of America advertises Harter's Iron Tonic in Post-Bellum era

A late winter day in Bluemont in the early 1900s

Early 1900s photo of Bluemont's Blue Ridge Inn, which later burned

Signed 1934 letter from Harry F. Byrd of Berryville, who served as U.S. Senator until 1965

Children at the Bluemont School in 1937 act out a "Tom Thumb Wedding"

Volney Osburn's telephone bill for February 1937 -- total charge for month = $1.90

The Washington Post does a feature on Bluemont on April 3, 1951, highlighting veteran newsman Julius Trusdell who lived on the ridge above Bluemont

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