Judy Anderson:
Family Stories, Part 2

February 15, 2010, from interviews, summer 2009

- Susan Freis Falknor


Over a Century...
Family Stories
School Days
Bob & Ellen Jones
Judy & Bud
From Judy's Attic

Judy. Anyway, in 1898 when my great-grandfather Volney Osburn bought this house, they moved from the farm over on William's Gap to this house

Susan. And where did they come from?

Judy. Well, we think, Ohio, Pennsylvania area.

Judy shows a photo Ferren's Champion Art Gallery, St. Clairsville, Ohio, with a note in pencil on the back: "Jennie Osburn My mother," writtten by Judy's grandmother, Pearl Osburn Jones.

Judy interprets the hand written date as 1877.

But they were here a long time, because he owned the property over on Williams Gap. I don't know how far that goes back. But I would feel confident to say that the Osburns and the Thomases, who still own the adjoining farm, have been neighbors since the Civil War at least, and are still neighbors.

Here is how this happened in the family.

First, we had Vonley Osburn and his wife Virginia (Jenny) and they had the one daughter, my grandmother, Pearl Osburn Jones.
And then my dad was born. His father came in on the train and went out on the train. I never saw him. I mean, they got married and everything but…

Susan. But he didn't stay around?

Judy. No. He was an accountant for the railroad. She probably met him because people stayed here a lot of times. His name was Charles Robert Jones. But he didn't really live here. They moved to D.C. before my Dad was born. So then when he left, my grandmother, with son in tow, that is, my father, Robert, came back here to live.


Volney Osburn (12/19/1852 to 5/30/1942) married Virginia (9/4/1852 to 12/5/1929), had one child, Pearl Osburn.

Pearl Osburn (10/28/1878 to 5/29/1974 - in later life known as "Granny Jones") married Charles Robert Jones, had one child, Robert V. Jones.

Robert V. Jones (3/27/1908 to 1/26/1986), married Ellen McClaughry (8/21/1914 to 5/9/1998, had three children, Carroll (b. 6/30/1934), Robert Jr. (b. 10/24/1935), and Judy (b. 11/12/1941).

Judy Jones married Bud (William) Anderson (1/10/1941, had three children, Valerie (5/9/1963), Todd (10/20/1968), and Eric (8/4/1970.

Later my father married Ellen McClaughry, and there are still McClaughrys in Pine Grove.

So at one point we have living here, my great grandfather Volney and great grandmother Virginia , my grandmother Pearl, and my mother and father. And then my great grandmother Virginia passed away and mom had the three kids and we had my great grandfather, my grandmother Pearl, my parents, and us 3 kids. Then my great grandfather Volney passed away when I was six months old.

He passed away in that room next to the front door, that is my office now. I can't remember, obviously, at six months old. But my brothers can remember coming down that morning and them saying, "Don't come down the steps, stay upstairs." So they sat on the steps.

He had passed away in that room. They said he never knew who I was. He was ill. He might say, "Who is that baby crying?" My brothers are six and seven years older than I am.

Susan. What about your mother's family?

Judy. My mother's mother was Nannie Virginia McClaughry. My grandfather was Thomas. And they lived in a house right across from the Pine Grove restaurant. There was a little school right before the restaurant - you can look at it and tell it was a school. She was the oldest of seven. There's only two left and they still live in Pine Grove. One is Frances Ballenger and the other is Max McClaughry.

Then here is my grandmother, who was Pearl Jones. She was Volney's daughter. Volney had one child.


At the right: Pearl (probably second from the right) at her graduation from the Episcopal Female Institute in Winchester.

Below: A visit from "Bob Osburn of Louisville, Ky." Someone later marked "about 1901" beneath it. Pearl would have been 23 years old in 1901.




"They live the noblest & the best
who shed the most sunshine along
the pathway of others.

Bob Osburn of
Louisville, Ky
Pearl Osburn"
[In another hand]
about 1901

Pearl Osburn with Bob Osburn Inscription on back of the photo Wording of inscription

For more photos of Pearl, follow this link.

Susan. She was your father's mother?

Judy. Yes.

I have two brothers. Carroll (left)and Robert (right). It's funny. In that day, my mother named the first one after the doctor and the second one after the father.

Carroll Allen Iden was the doctor's name, and she named the baby Carroll Allen. He was the family doctor.

Susan. That sounds like a Maryland name.

Judy. There are several Carrolls around but usually as a middle name. It's a family name.

We were born here, well, in the hospital, but we lived here, grew up here, and there were four generations living in this house.

Bobby Jones was a young entrepreneur who in 1952 opened Foxy's Sweet Shoppe in the Old Dance Hall (more recently, Corchran's Millworks). He offered a pinball machine and a jukebox for entertainment, as well as ice cream and treats. Judy recalls working there at age 10 or 11.

Judy: When I asked him about Foxy's, Bobby recalled that his best customers were Betty and Sonny Colbert, who were practically newlyweds at the time. They still live in Bluemont and recently celebrated their sixty-first anniversary.

My older brother, Carroll, retired after 40 years with the Social Security Administration and is currently Mayor of Brunswick, Maryland. Bobby began his teaching career in Delaware, then at Loudoun Valley, and, after retiring from the State of Virginia, at Sacred Heart Academy in Winchester. [We regret to report that Bobby Jones died of a longstanding illness shortly after this interview.]

Right out of high school, I went to work at the Dept of Agriculture in DC. Winnie Kelley and I roomed together on 16th Street for a while sharing an apartment with two other girls. I got married in August 1961 in the Bluemont Church and Winnie was a bridesmaid.

Judy. My grandmother was Pearl Jones. In her later years she was known in Bluemont as "Granny" to everybody. So we had "Aunt Freddie" who was everybody's aunt. (Winifred Osburn Foerster)

And my grandmother was everybody's granny. She was known as "Granny Jones" and all of the kids called her that.

She was a little old lady, a real short lady. And she had a time with us kids. She always took care of us because my mom always worked.

I have just a couple memories of this house because we moved when it was time for me to start first grade. We moved into town.

Susan. So that was about when ?

Judy. It was 1946. We moved into the house next to the E.E. Lake Store. On Railroad Street, then called Elizabeth Avenue. When we moved to the house in Bluemont there was no bathroom. I still remember going to the outhouse. How times have changed.

That's where my parents lived until my mom's stroke in 1983. I think we sold that house to Tim and Judy Hall in 1984 or so. So we lived right across the street from the old post office. We still continued to farm. This became a tenant house and we still had the other farm. Also my dad carried the mail until he retired in 1976.
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