Winnie Kelley - On the merits of donkeys

May 11, 2009, from an interview by Susan Freis Falknor, February 21, 2009


Growing up in Bluemont - 1950s
About "Aunt Freddy"
Wedding in Bluemont Village - 1962
On the merits of donkeys

Winnie: I keep twelve donkeys, some standard, some miniature.  I had sixteen at one time.

They have Biblical names:

Tabathia Cloe
Joshua (a standard)

Donkeys are good companions.  You can put them with sheep, race horses.  I sold two of my babies to a lady with horses to teach her animals manners.  You can break an animal to lead using donkeys.

They are really low maintenance animals.  They need their hooves trimmed, and that’s about it.  They are not prone to disease.  They are neat, neat animals.

I’ve had them 10 or 12 years.  We moved here eight years ago from North Fork, outside of Philomont, and brought my original herd with us.

I’m hoping for babies, but you can’t tell with donkeys.  Five of them were with the Jack.  I didn’t breed any of the standards because they are a little hard to handle, even though Joshua is a standard and he is just the sweetest thing.  Naomi is barren.  If I have another girl, I have the name picked out.  I’m going to  name her Esther.