Reminiscences from
                Winifred ("Winnie") Osburn Kelley

May 11, 2009, from an interview by Susan Freis Falknor, February 21, 2009


Growing up in Bluemont - 1950s
About "Aunt Freddy"
Wedding in Bluemont Village - 1962
On the merits of donkeys

Winnie Kelley: Reminiscences of Bluemont and “Aunt Freddie” Osburn

In 1962, Winifred (“Winnie”) Osburn Kelley, who grew up in the Bluemont area, was married in the living room of what is now my house, 33718 Snickersville Turnpike, in Bluemont.  The house has really not changed much since those days.  The picture of the bride coming down the stairs, or the reception in the dining room-living room area, or saying goodbye on the front porch could have been taken yesterday.  I visited with Winnie in her home on Yellow Schoolhouse Road, where she lives with her husband William Kelley.
                                                            --Susan Freis Falknor


All illustrations are from Winnie Kelley's albums

Blue Ridge Mountain, view from Bluemont

Snickersville Turnpike looking east to the church

Clayton Hall in a big snow.  1940s?

Vintage car is stymied by the big snow in front of
33721 Snickersville Turnpike, across the street from
Aunt Freddie’s house.