The Several Stories of Carrington House:
The Butlers Build a Remarkable Addition

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The first photograph in the gallery showsnext-door neighbor Sonny Colbert sitting in front of the old kitchen and basement of the house before the Butlers set to work.

Their restoration of Carrington House not only won an award, but also preserved one of Bluemont’s most treasured buildings.

Sonny Colbert
Sonny Colbert sits with pet behind Carrington House, before the work began.

Building addition-1
Butler's documentation shows scaffolding and demolition.

Building addition-2
The back of Carrington House was first stripped and then rebuilt.

Stones for addition
Pile of stone for the addition. The stone came from the foundation of the store that used to stand beside Carrington House.

Stripped of exterior
Carrington house in transition.

Addition Complete
The remodeling and addition completed.

Interior Remodeling - Featuring the original fireplaces of Carrington House (below)
Three fireplaces
Fireplace & window

Restored fireplace and door
4 fireplaces, B&W
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